Kids Won’t Remember Paper Money Eventually

By | Jun 01, 2019

Kids Won’t Remember Paper Money Eventually

Phillies in a convincing 26-11 drubbing of the first place & undefeated Cubs. This is a second-half of the season ball club. The 2nd half of the btc year is only 30 days out and few can find complaint with how things have begun.

More than anything, confidence went missing in 2018. Shorts pressed their case as a perfect-storm trifecta of bad news caused even the most bullish bulls to 2nd guess their thesis. Onerous, unclear regulation, too many forks gone wrong, and prolific hacks & scams were a bit too much – and the market cratered.

This year is different. Bitcoin is a global currency. Fidelity & CME are towering giants lending legitimacy to the entire production. Buoyant prices coupled with a modicum of improving underlying plumbing – custody, lending, banking, settlements, payments – have a way of inducing excitement. Seeing household names like AT&T & Facebook throw their hat in the ring certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Prices will rise & fall in mercurial fashion; they always do. But the main drivers behind this keep coming at you in an inevitable, undeniable fashion. And that is overseas in non-G7 countries that have weak currencies & need to find alternates – fast; and of course youth.

Paper money is on the way out. Digital assets are what these kids will grow up with.

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