Is Julian Assange a Traitor or a Hero?

By | Apr 11, 2019

Is Julian Assange a Traitor or a Hero?

This is a question, for me, that’s evolved over time. I remember when WikiLeaks burst onto the scene. It was around the time of Chelsea Manning & Bowe Bergdahl, who committed acts of military disobedience and paid a price.

At first blush, when you break the law – in this case, steal classified documents from the US government or go AWOL – you get arrested. We’re a nation of laws, after all. Hold that for a moment: nation of laws.

What are data privacy laws in this country. Just yesterday we read Amazon staff by the thousands listens to our Alexa conversations. Google & Facebook are known spies – whether they pass intel onto the government may not be clear but without question they resell it. Is it legal.

Meantime, the WSJ alleged recently in an op-ed the Obama administration would have to atone for their rampant, excessive spying on civilians. Our FBI and White House are – there’s no other way to say it – at war.

Mr. Assange is assuredly going to jail for a long time. We have become a nation dedicated to the principle that foreign occupations are a permanent way of life. #WarsWithoutEnd

If you’re good with that, carry on. If you’re good with emails, private conversations, financial info on display for all to see, this must be heaven.

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