Interesting Ad at the Airport

By | Mar 13, 2019

Interesting Ad at the Airport

I was boarding my flight in Vancouver tonight and this advertisement on the walkway caught my eye.

From what I can tell, it’s an add for the British bank HSBC. Look at the curious tagline below: “Leading the use of blockchain technology to secure global trade data.”

This is neat. While some FUDsters lament the failure of blockchain – we call this tossing the baby out with the bath water – here comes one of the most prominent banks on the globe touting the nascent technology in an ad for retail consumers.

JPMorgan, a competitor, recently announced a coin for internal transfers among institutional clients; earlier in the year IBM said 4Q18 earnings rose on better-than-expected revenue numbers on blockchain-related businesses.

Is blockchain here to stay? Will fiat currencies be the best mode of payment in a blockchain-fueled world? How transformative will blockchain be on global society if it’s a true hit? I have lots of questions but unfortunately few answers.

The HSBC ad is, frankly, an attempt to be hip, or cool. In coming years, we will find out how much of this is a fad, and how much has real legs.

Canada was sensational. It dawned on me our northern neighbors have become our indispensable ally and best friend. The US has no warmer relations with any country, anywhere.

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