Incentives Make the World Go Round

By | Nov 06, 2018

Incentives Make the World Go Round

They get my kids down at night; determine which senators are elected; and are used creatively all over blockchain to encourage (mostly) good behavior.

Incentives drive virtually all economic decisions and thought – either in a conscious or unconscious manner. They matter. Good incentives get people motivated to do work; weak, ill-conceived incentives send people packing. No incentives = no outcomes, aside from quitting.

Stellar Lumens knows this. They’re smart. So they laid out one of the most eye-popping incentive arrangements ever assembled.

From Fortune: “Crypto wallet provider Blockchain said it will distribute cryptocurrency to millions of its users in what appears to be the largest such giveaway of its kind. The giveaway—known as an “airdrop”—will see recipients each get about $25 worth of the cryptocurrency commonly known as Stellar as part of an overall distribution worth $125 million.

“Accessible to anyone with a Blockchain Wallet, the first batch of recipients will receive their lumens, Stellar’s native digital currency this week – for free,” said the company in a statement.”

(“Airdrops” are in an uncharted, perhaps illegal, regulatory zone in the US – but are wildly popular elsewhere. DYOR.)

$125 million. For free. Any takers?

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