If You Don’t Appreciate Bitcoin, It Might Be Your Privilege

By | Jun 04, 2018

If You Don’t Appreciate Bitcoin, It Might Be Your Privilege

I’ve noticed something fascinating about Bitcoin, the revolution in currency that is taking place across our planet:

Those who have always lived in safety, in countries that function…don’t seem to get it.

Or they get it, but they don’t get why it matters.

Or they get it, but they make arrogant comments about the new rich. As if their upward mobility was a misstep and they should have stayed poor.

Or they get it, but they think that criticizing governments is volatile and immature.

Comfortable people have lots of sympathy for the world’s poor… But they have expectations of them, as well. They expect the poor to be helped only by big, known organizations, who have gained the support of the comfortable through expensive marketing budgets spent on viral social media posts about how much they help.

They don’t know how to react to the news that the world’s poor are helping themselves instead.

It just doesn’t fit their narrative. Poverty is a problem, but they think they know the solution. The comfortable people are supposed to punish themselves for their comfort by siphoning off their earnings to be delivered to the uncomfortable people via the trusted go-between organization of choice.

But it simply doesn’t work. No organization could possibly accomplish that.

Send all the help you want, by whatever messengers you imagine are trustworthy, but the problem in the uncomfortable countries lies in their leadership.

Finance is the Biggest and Most Basic Pain Point in a Broken System

Finance is where you feel it the most, when you can’t feed your child and no one around you cares because they have all gotten used to not feeding their children properly, either…

When barely feeding your kids becomes a cultural past time, and a badge of honor…

While the government employees appointed to “help families” don’t answer your calls, as they hire their nieces and nephews, build new offices in order to do the jobs that have been created for their employment, and throw parties in their own honor for doing so, with your taxes.

While you pay a fortune to live in famine.

We learn to value of freedom either through deprivation or through wisdom.

Those who have truly suffered, in countries that don’t function, with “well-meaning” leaders who have abandoned their people, are the ones clinging to the Bitcoin revolution with both hands. Which confuses the comfortable because…

Isn’t Bitcoin all about beer and pizza, and weed, and anarchy, and Lamborghinis, and models wearing see-through spandex jumpsuits promoting the latest Bitcoin exchange?

What do seemingly-rich, seemingly-bored Millennial computer geeks have to do with the people of Venezuela?

The Answer: They All Value Freedom.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

– Ronald Reagan

We attain the value of freedom through deprivation, or through wisdom.

To acquire the value of freedom as a citizen of a comfortable country that functions, one must look around the world with open eyes and study history until it becomes a part of the very self.

As if it had been you and yours on those battlefields. That journey leads us to value whatever humanity needs to thrive today through understanding how we have lived, and what has caused our failures and successes.

Some in the movement are from comfortable countries, but have familiarized themselves with global suffering. Others are knee-deep in that suffering. And then there is everything in between.

The movement is connected through a desire for freedom that will no longer wait. That will no longer settle. That will no longer hope. Some with their education, some with their ingenuity, some with their funding, and some with decades of suffering and deprivation fueling adoption and clarity of purpose. They are all participating.

Anyone can appreciate Bitcoin through studying human history.

Decentralization Is The Reward For Cooperation

The existence and adoption of Bitcoin means that mankind is no longer fully dependent on the promises of leaders and organizations to manage their money fairly. They’ve pivoted away from the leaders and towards each other, creating their OWN solution. This is not childish — it is utterly mature.

The reward for building this together is that Bitcoin, being a decentralized solution, cannot be shut down. No singular entity can take it out of circulation.

And so the only question is, where are YOU in this revolution?

Do you understand the value of economic freedom, even if you live in ease?

Do you believe in the possibility of economic freedom, even if you live in pain and darkness?

Thanks for reading.


Shoshana Rubli is an entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast who enjoys green smoothies and going Meta.

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