I Remember this Conversation Like it was Yesterday

By | Mar 13, 2019

I Remember this Conversation Like it was Yesterday

My brother-in-law Dan Murphy says to my ex-Traditum colleague Ari Officer: “What did you think of Rolling Stones’ Goldman Sachs piece.”

You remember; GS as: “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

Ari: “I hated it.”

Murf: “Why?”

Ari is accomplished at many things; writing is but one: “I’m ticked off I’m not the author.”

I felt a twinge of “vampire squid” remorse myself this week when I read Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine’s brilliant take on crypto.

Levine: “One question that is never worth asking about anything related to crypto is, “is this a joke?” Essentially everything in crypto is simultaneously serious and a joke. This is partly explained by the history of crypto—crypto is Extremely Online, and everything Extremely Online is both serious and a joke—but essential to its nature.”

Darn, he stole my line.

It succinctly embraces my journey: on one hand, I think blockchain & crypto hold enormous promise & unlimited potential; this is serious stuff. Same time: the preposterousness of so much of it only invites comedic relief. How is the existence of a “Theresa May Coin” not funny.

Woody Allen: “Comedy is Tragedy Plus Time.”

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