Howard Schultz Possible 2020 Presidential Bid

By | Jan 27, 2019

Howard Schultz Possible 2020 Presidential Bid

Howard Schultz – coffee man, billionaire, political iconoclast. In case you’ve been under a rock, you may have heard he’s kicking around a “centrist, independent” 2020 presidential bid. Democrats are freaking out. Stat geek Nate Silver: “It’s unbelievably arrogant for Howard Schultz to think that “Howard Schultz, as an independent, on a platform of deficit reduction, for president” is the answer to any question that anybody has ever asked about anything.” Literally, that quote makes me laugh out loud.

3rd party candidates have been spoilers. Bill Clinton probably would have won without Ross Perot but no chance George W. Bush would have beaten Al Gore without Ralph Naders’ assist.

The two-party state we live in is pretty ineffective, Schulz seems to be suggesting. Look at our deficits, infrastructure, shutdowns & walls – or lack thereof in certain instances.

Bill Clinton used the Democratic platform to run to the center & won. With politics becoming mostly fringe efforts on both sides, why can’t Schulz win. After the Trump victory, will anybody ever say again in this country: “No chance.”

Where’s Mike Bloomberg in all this? Would he & Schulz face a potential primary battle in the new “Independent Party”. Can they run together. Hillary? Michelle? Oprah? I love primary season.

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