How Much is Data Privacy Worth to You?

By | Nov 02, 2018

How Much is Data Privacy Worth to You?

Met a guy here who worked as an intelligence officer for a European power pre-Snowden.

You listen to him & understand the mind-boggling complexity of the issue: if your data touches the Internet, it cannot be protected in a safe manner, he maintains.

He says rebels in Syria can’t figure out why they get hit unexpectedly anywhere they go; their “metadata” is on display for the Howitzer’s to see.

There are business cases, too. The former intelligence officer told of a Chinese businessman who threw his data on secure lines. In case you’re wondering, according to the ex-spy, WeChat and Telegram are not safe by a mile.

This Chinese multi-billionaire executed the largest transaction of his career recently – which ended up on page one of the FT – and no one inside (where he was) or outside China knew the deal was in the works so they couldn’t front-run the buyout. If the deal made the light of day before consummation, it couldn’t have been pulled off.

People need privacy for lots of reasons. Running for political office; dodging CIA bullets; pulling off leveraged buyouts without the transaction becoming common knowledge ahead of the deal close.

Blockchain is taking the world by storm for good reasons. Data privacy, encryption is one of them.

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