Heading to Vancouver

By | Mar 10, 2019

Heading to Vancouver

Tomorrow evening I’ll be at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, with mining clients of our DrawBridge Lending, Chicago-based team. Please join us for drinks at the bar if you’re nearby. Our view at DrawBridge is fairly simple: we believe in blockchain; we’re friendly to bitcoin and see it as a long-term global currency; and we recognize that no proper banking function exists in the space. This is both a problem and an opportunity ripe for disruption. To be clear, we are not a bank. But we are a lender. We lend bitcoin and fiat (USD) to accredited investors and eligible-contract participants only, and mainly to US investors.

Institutional investors are unfamiliar with the space because regulations and custody issues to now haven’t been satisfactory; this is about to change. The climate is improving on all fronts making the environment more hospitable to larger investors & their clients. DrawBridge aims to accommodate the needs of these investors and we are confident we have the legal, regulatory, compliance, audit, capital markets and trading expertise and network to do so. Our team has well over 100 years of futures, options, equities, FX experience. We know markets. We understand counter-party risk; and we look forward to meeting with you confidentially in BC.

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