Give the Baby the Pacifier and He’ll Stop Crying

By | Jan 05, 2019

Give the Baby the Pacifier and He’ll Stop Crying

Bloomberg’s editorial board out with a slam dunk piece Oh wait: I mean, give the president his wall – and clean his pockets while you do it. From a negotiating stand point, Mr. Trump has painted himself into a corner. He’s the “one note” President: The Wall. You want free healthcare? Higher taxes on the wealthy? A Trojan Horse with the NRA? It’s there for the taking – give him his impractical edifice. Then knock it down later. First of all, it won’t get built even if it’s commissioned. It will take 2-3 years to get the project operational. What’s ludicrous about this situation is Democrats can’t figure out why they keep losing: be FOR something. Anything. If your party plank is: “We’re the party who says No”; well, look how you’re doing these days. Is equal pay for all women worth the wall? How about free child care until the age of 4? Lower the retirement age? What’s important to Democrats? Saying No to Trump ain’t good enough. There has to be something in your political bag of tricks you want. Tell the nation what it is. Don’t say: “Putting a paycheck in a government employees hands.” You tried that. hashtag#Ineffective What are you for? This isn’t a rhetorical question: the sad thing is Dems can’t articulate a simple answer.
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