“Friendly Ghosting”

By | Dec 03, 2018

“Friendly Ghosting”

“Ghosting” is a term I learned from my young staff back in my trading days. In my youth, we used to call this “blowing someone off” – before the digital age. I guess this “ghosting” phenomenon is a dating term. What’s the professional term for “ghosting”: “De-spamming”. Having been “You’re Fired”. “Do-Not-Call Listed”?

Look, we’re all busy. We all have too many email accounts & chat platforms. I think there’s a difference between falling behind on the “Hey, we should jump on a call to explore synergies” message. And completely ignoring the “Hey, we signed a contract – is this still on?”

I pledge to follow up better but I do think it’s productive when you’re running an organization to develop a coordinated plan to ensure proper dialogue is restored with key clients. Dealing with co-workers on different time zones presents both great opportunities & scheduling challenges but even that’s no excuse for disappearing for weeks when money is on the line.

Maybe a solution is like those old email responses: “I’ll be traveling with limited access to internet.” Funny: where is internet truly “limited” anymore.” The responses should read: “I’m going to Hawaii. I have limited interest in your email for now. But I’ll be back soon; let’s follow up then.”

“Friendly ghosting”, you might say.

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