First Full Day at MPWR Crypto Summit Vancouver

By | Mar 12, 2019

First Full Day at MPWR Crypto Summit Vancouver

It’s great to be here. This trade show is for professionals. I heard “Lightning Network” three times while waiting for coffee. People are talking shop – digital currencies, banking, mining, lending. In bitcoin or alt-coins. There are no ICOs in attendance. Or none I’ve found; ICOs are so 2018.

Mike Olthoff from (behind the table) has a product converting top coins into gift cards accepted at Amazon, Nordstrom’s, Nike. Even Appleby’s.

The theme of this conference, really, is spending or monetizing your coins. Ostensibly, it’s a mining conference but the operative question on everyone’s mind is “Now what?”

I don’t think Satoshi – or even Craig Wright – believed for one second the idea was to mine these things and then place them into a digital vault – where they do nothing forever. Spend them. Use them. Borrow against them, lend them. It’s a currency & asset, bitcoin is. You may not be able to touch it, per se, but bitcoin is a transactional tool gaining regulatory, exchange and payments-system approval in every corner of the globe.

Here’s a stat: half the globe uses the Internet, and only a half of one percent of people in the world have a digital wallet. Keynote speaker: “We see explosive growth potential.”

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