Finally, Some Positive Price Action

By | Dec 04, 2018

Finally, Some Positive Price Action

An assortment of alt-coins rallied mightily despite the $4k stall out in BTC.

Binance Coin jumped 15%, Waves soared 40%, Stratis 20%. Bitcoin Jesus – aka Roger Ver – told Bloomberg from the streets of Tokyo the future of cryptos never looked brighter.

For a who guy may have lost a cool billion or two in recent weeks, he looked pretty darn relaxed, rested and invigorated. He and I are colleagues on a project in India and: no, I’ve never talked to him; and yes, the project is “struggling to stay afloat”, you might say. Michael Jordan missed plenty of game winning shots – and even Bitcoin Jesus has some dogs in his portfolio, it would seem to appear. If the Indian government ever relaxes their stance on crypto exchanges, our collective project could rise from the ashes. I’m not holding my breath. I doubt Bitcoin Jesus is either.

Weirdly, I have clients suddenly telling me they’re having no trouble raising money. Apparently, call centers in Russia to wealthy individuals are now officially a “thing” as investors are clamoring for diversification and to get money out of rubles amid lighter regulations than elsewhere. Here in America, the rise of security tokens continues unabated as utility tokens are officially “persona non grata”.

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