Fidelity Planning March Start of Bitcoin Custody Service

By | Jan 29, 2019

Fidelity Planning March Start of Bitcoin Custody Service

I’ll leave that there – compliments of our friends at ZeroHedge. By the way, if you’re not familiar with ZeroHedge and like financial reporting (with a hilarious, paranoid schizophrenic edge) check it out. I’m not involved with ZH but I used the site religiously for a long time as a bond trader.

Back to the above headline – those are their “all caps”, not mine. All caps, exclamation points, question marks – they’re not my thing. I’m a punctuation minimalist. But these ZeroHedge editors are throwing down the ALL CAPS ***BREAKING NEWS*** headline. Ladies and gentlemen: Fidelity!!!!!

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled Bitcoin masses yearning to breathe free” !!!!! (For emphasis)

Fidelity is the most credible financial institution in the world – they’re sitting on $2.5 trillion dollars. They want your Bitcoin. They’ll secure it for you. This may not be FDIC – but it’s pretty darn close. One of the biggest hurdles limiting investor appetites in digital assets — how-do-you-keep-BTC- out-of-harms’-way — is at least in theory, solved. Yippee.

There is a tremendous amount of shuffling beneath the surface. A scrappiness element is being underrated. When systemic problems are addressed, ALL CAPS rings true.

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