Equity Stake Missing Ingredient for Investors

By | Nov 03, 2018

Equity Stake Missing Ingredient for Investors

Darico is a case study for the changing dynamics of the crypto industry. In brief: they are bringing equity to the table after first offering coins only. The ultimate end game is the Darico crypto exchange will be governed entirely by the community. I like this model a lot as it hearkens back to the days when Chicago exchanges were run by members – before demutualization made them publicly traded companies.

Here’s some background from their site on what they do: “Securely store, send, and receive crypto tokens, integrate your existing crypto wallet to keep track of your investments and even track coins by adding them to your watch list. Seamlessly integrated with the Terminal, the Wallet becomes your first point of contact with the crypto world.”

My understanding after speaking to head of business development Loredana Manushaqa is anyone holding Darico tokens in mid-December will receive a pro rata equity allocation of the company itself in addition to the coins.

Darico raised $12 million this summer when ICO funding dried up; like a lot of coins its value plunged as the bear market punished the entire industry. But a well-defined plan to offer equity stakes into projects is the missing ingredient investors are demanding in order to get back in the game.

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