EOS Up in Anticipation

By | Jun 01, 2019

EOS Up in Anticipation

EOS is screaming higher ahead of a big announcement tomorrow. For months, crypto insiders have speculated Block One, the VC arm of the number 5 coin in the world EOS, would be building a social media platform to incentivize users. This is of note to someone like me – who provides a tremendous amount of 100% original content & then delivers it in a box with a bow on it to LinkedIn shareholders who ultimately reap the reward. Yes, this is how the world currently operates. I’m not complaining about it, but I know other people get pretty riled up about who owns content, who gets paid for that content, and who derives benefit from that content. YouTube, I understand, has a fabulous model that makes people who talk about kids’ toys, for instance, extremely rich.

Twitter is the same, old school model. I wonder if I’ll get banned for opening in this fashion. Truthfully, I’d be OK with that.

Disruption is what makes the world go round. As Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano astutely points out, having an audience is a new currency. Boy, is that man right? No truer words have been spoken on this subject.

EOS may – underscore may; I have no intel here – be about to disrupt the social media sphere in a transformative manner. This is neat, perhaps. Regardless, someone will & it will be a good thing.

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