Darico is Now the Number 161 Coin in the World

By | Dec 05, 2018

Darico is Now the Number 161 Coin in the World

It trades at 32 cents, up from 5 cents in early November when I first wrote of it. I still don’t own the coin, nor is this a paid ad. Please do your own research.

What I found interesting about Darico and still do is later this month all the token holders will receive a pro rata share of equity in Darico’s parent holding, a crypto exchange. So the token holders will run the company. The management team will run operations but take their cues from the equity stakeholders, in this case, the people who have all their coins. This is similar to how NYMEX, CME, CBOT were run for decades before “demutualization” – i.e., they became publicly-traded companies.

Trading wise, who knows what happens to this coin after the equity hand-off is done. I do know that stocks and coins have a tendency to run up into big announcements before trailing off. Time will tell what happens with Darico. Like any other coin, company or stock, it will all come down to execution after the headline news is out of the way.

This is a fairly radical new governance model, which is why it’s noteworthy. This is one of the few coins in the world moving higher as many coins languish at lows of the year: indeed, BTC, ETH and XLM are a stone’s throw away from 2018 lows.

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