Cryptos Need to Start to Follow Through

By | Feb 01, 2019

Cryptos Need to Start to Follow Through

Who’s the Greatest NBA Shooter of All-Time?

A – Michael Jordan
B – Larry Bird
C – Magic Johnson
D – Steph Curry
E – Dr. J

Contrary to what Celtics fans will be posting in Comments below, it’s D – Steph Curry. Look at the data; it’s not even close.

Look at his hands. That is how you “follow through” on a jump shot. Left hand straight as an arrow, having barely or imperceptibly touched the ball that’s now on the way to the basket. Right hand limp – exhausted. Look at that posture. It’s like the image of Jesus in the Sistine Chapel when God reaches out to give Him life again.

Cryptos can’t shoot straight. Reason: no follow through. I mean, none. If you can’t get the follow through down, you can’t play at Madison Square Garden. Yesterday, we saw this big XRP rally. Look at the price action today – virtually every single coin is down, some double digits, as one-day rallies are the best this beat-down market can do.

It’s been ages since the “Fear of Missing Out” has been a thing in cryptos. You can’t miss out if the market is still trending the same direction – down. All you can do is get penalized for playing. Study the great ones, study Steph Curry. I have no idea how to turn a winning jump shot into a blockchain formula, but hats off to the gal or guy who figures it out first.

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