Conflict of Interest in Owning Your Own Coins?

By | Feb 09, 2019

Conflict of Interest in Owning Your Own Coins?

Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin last year (near the all time high or presumably much higher than where it is today) citing a conflict of interest. I’m no attorney but why does Zuck get to own FB & yet it’s a problem for Charlie to own LTC. It’s like an LSAT logic question.

I choose “C”. Incorrect.

Now if CZ owns BNB & Vitalik owns ETH, can Charlie re-acquire LTC? I choose “D”. Wrong.

Someone bought almost $400 million of LTC today. It wasn’t me. Could it have been Charlie? “A”. Maybe.

Shilling a coin is illegal. Owning a coin isn’t. I asked this question pointedly before: why doesn’t Charlie re-establish his LTC position & stop talking about LTC. As a marketeer, his results – down 85% – leave something to be desired. Isn’t his capital more important to the ecosystem than wrestling promotions. Answer: All of the above. I’m terrible at multiple choice.

This is how my mind works: I see things & wonder: how’d that happen? As I said earlier, most of the time you never find out the real answer. But it’s a stimulating exercise to ask: “Why.”

Somebody or somebody’s bought so much LTC it rallied 30%  in a matter of hours. Whodunit?

A: Vitalik
B: Novo
C: 4Rev
D: Pantera
E: A Player or Players To Be Named Letter (my brother’s next doc should be on the mysterious PTBNL).

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