Collision Course With History

By | Jun 02, 2019

Collision Course With History

Nothing beats a big, old European wedding. There are 4 gifts at these types of galas: chocolate, flowers, vodka – and fistfuls of cash. It’s like the great scene from “Goodfellas”.

Karen: “Where’s the bag?”

Henry: “What bag?”

Karen: “The bag with all the money.”

Henry: “Oh that’s safe. No one here would dare to take it.”

I have one great Croatian-Chicago friend Mijo Bradica 📈 and incredibly he’s not here and I am. But no worries – his pal, Domonik is already taking care of us.

Aside from great soccer & scenic beauty, you wonder how a small country like Croatia will make its way in the global economy with its own currency.

Without Googling it, how many can name the local currency in Dubrovnik. I’ll post the answer at the bottom.

After I Google it.

And that’s the problem. Now you can tie your future to another country’s currency like the yen, remnimbi, franc, euro or dollar. That’s a strategy; but what if your nations stop getting along. As they in Montevideo: “Es una problema.” Worse, what if the country you rely on pulls a Turkish lira, Argentine peso, Korean won and vanishes in the dead of the night. Remember what they say in Montevideo.

My guess is digital asset adoption is slow in Croatia. But it’s trajectory seems on a collision course with history.

Answer: Kuna.

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