Charlie Lee – We Need You Back, Man.

By | Jan 05, 2019

Charlie Lee – We Need You Back, Man.

A year ago December the Litecoin creator announced he sold and donated his LTC to avoid a “conflict of interest”. Understandable. If he owns the coin and he’s promoting it on social media that could be a securities infraction, too. But here’s a question: where are his talents better utilized – as a marketing guy; or as an investor putting capital into his project. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s; Steve Jobs of Apple; Phil Knight of Nike – marketing geniuses. Look at their results. How is Charlie doing on that front. A recent Tweet: “Tonight is about brand awareness, but the end goal is still mass adoption. UFC PayPerView discount when you #PayWithLitecoin? How about it @danawhite?” Mesmerizing. Michael Novogratz added to his position at Galaxy; the Winklevoss brothers have ponied up; CZ has skin in the game. It’s not against the law for founders to own coins. Is it? Use your talents in the most sensible, efficient manner. Be a team player. Ask yourself a question: am I advancing the teams’ mission. Litecoin is 90% off highs since the time Mr. Lee told the world he was getting out. Blonde 2.0 markets; so can Panomy. Lots of crypto marketeers are looking for new gigs. The industry is bereft of capital – that’s the biggest need. But hey, no pressure.
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