Celebrating Diwali With 4Rev

By | Nov 07, 2018

Celebrating Diwali With 4Rev

Just celebrated my first Diwali celebration with 4Rev sidekick Varun Sehgal and my (amped-up) kids. Naturally, we ended up at a Turkish restaurant. With all my new Indian friends this year in blockchain, surely this won’t be my last Diwali.

Diwali is the “Festival of Lights”. Team pictured here outside 4Rev’s global HQ in freezing Chicago. No coats on a November night. (Look for a comment below from wife Svitlana Creadon:).

The global nature of blockchain is something I have never seen before. I guess the closest analogy is the Space Race but that seems a little Cloak and Dagger. I literally have friends this year from Albania, Dubai, India, Holland, Namibia, Singapore, Korea, China, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, England, Israel, Argentina, Nigeria, and Kenya. It’s awesome.

I understand the “Bear Argument”. I get it. This is all a big, risky unknown experiment. It can fail. Why can’t it?

What people forget is that argument is a bet against all the people who have committed their lives, savings, every waking hour to ideas more or less stemming from the BTC concept. I find it hard to believe so many talented people working to disrupt so many very obvious shortcomings across fintech, science and education, can all be dead wrong.

I’m taking the “over”. Even if for just the people.

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