Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of price charts. Levels of support and resistance, channels, and other popular indicators used by trading professionals.

I'm sort of neutral on technical analysis but if you're a student of the trading game you have to be aware. "Double tops" are sometimes critically important for medium- and long-term trends. The set up [Read more]

In trading there is "technical" and "fundamental" analysis. I've always favored fundamental analysis over technicals. Technicals refer to support and resistance; volume & open interest; Fibonacci's & oscillators. You can spend years doing data analytics [Read more]

From a purely technical perspective this may not bode well for the coins' short term price action. (Not financial advice. Do your own research.) "Technical" research refers to colorful terms such as oscillators, Fibonacci's, token [Read more]

A nice turnaround in cryptos after several gut-wrenching days. You have to fight crowd sentiment - not always easy to do. Today, I saw not one but two very serious articles written by very serious [Read more]

It's raining cats & dogs in Chicago - or maybe it's the Crypto Gods who are weeping. Bitcoin may be eyeing a test of the lows of the year but the bigger problem is ETH [Read more]

The bulls have regained the upper hand - for now - as sentiment in cryptos is unflinchingly positive all of a sudden. Technically, not much stands in the way between $10k, as we see only [Read more]

For months I have had a debate with some contacts about whether technical analysis is relevant or not. I've maintained it's worth consideration, while many have told me it is complete bunk. I am coming [Read more]

As we start the 2nd half of the year, one big question is whether there's long-term support below $6k. Three times this year we've gotten down to $5,800 and popped higher. You get the idea [Read more]

The February 6th BTC lows of $5,947 have held - for now. It's anyone's guess whether there is meaningful support here or not. In technical analysis, there are terms known as "double tops" and "double [Read more]

I’m not a slave to technical analysis but it’s silly not to consider it, either. Of course, most crypto charts are positively bogus these days. I can hardly look at Cardano, ZCash or Monero. I’m [Read more]