Storage & Security

Topics related to storing digital assets and security of these assets.


From BitFly: "We can confirm there was a successful 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic network with multiple 100+ block reorganization. We recommend all services to closely monitored (sic) the chain and significantly increase required confirmations." [Read more]

Collectively, they have a market cap of $2.5 billion, which is 2.5% of all cryptos. That money could do one of 3 things: remain a digital asset tied to the value of the dollar, convert [Read more]

Goldman's head of digital assets Justin Schmidt spoke today on the challenges facing cryptos for big banks. From Bloomberg: "One of the things clients ask me is ‘Can you hold our coins?’ and I say [Read more]

Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, in which he laments "re-centralization" or maturation of cryptos beyond youthful independence to mainstream adoption as evidenced by the entrance of Fidelity & Bakkt. "While many cryptocurrency enthusiasts express blind [Read more]

Your personal data - trivial stuff like your social security number, checking account number, mother's maiden name - is easily accessible on your cell phone. Think of it as leaving the door wide open. The [Read more]

If you thought only Facebook and Google wanted to steal your private data - think again. New Zealand can fine you for not giving up your password to your mobile device. Astonishing. From Linkedin: "New [Read more]

Found this on Twitter, where even after a year much of the lingo escapes me (what's a "BP"?): "Recently, an internal excel document from Huobi (one of the BPs) is circulating in the Chinese community. [Read more]

Ravi Ramharak is in town from Edmonton so 4Rev's Varun Sehgal, power-crypto attorney Olta Andoni, Esq. & I got together for lunch. Ravi Ramharak has some kooky stories about cybersecurity, his area of expertise. Yesterday [Read more]

I have two work trips planned in coming weeks - one to Zug, Switzerland, and one to Malta - two of the most crypto friendly places on earth. But today I read in one outlet [Read more]

Christmas in August as two-way crypto volatility is at pandemonium levels. Last night it dawned on me that maybe some large player or players blew out earlier in the week as virtually every single altcoin [Read more]