Storage & Security

Topics related to storing digital assets and security of these assets.


Every kid who played the game dreams of playing in Yankee Stadium. Few make it. Just like crypto. Fidelity is live with bitcoin custody - they'll safeguard your digital assets for a fee - but alas, [Read more]

"The man behind the curtain" is one of the best political allegories ever. If, by chance, you've never seen "The Wizard of Oz"...RDW. (Run don't walk) There's a little bit of that going on with [Read more]

All I hear from crypto clients is how brutal it is to find a proper bank - or any bank, really - to do business with. But one name keeps popping up as a place [Read more]

In sales, you dream about an effective, robust "distribution network": this allows you to display your goods & services on someone else's world-class platform. The idea is for that "someone else" to be a strong [Read more]

One business that's booming that no one is talking about: Bitcoin ATMs. I've actually never seen one yet. But I keep getting that sinking feeling I'm about to have one of those Malcolm Gladwell "Blink" [Read more]

Some of the biggest insurance names on the planet are insuring - you guessed it - bitcoin and other digital assets from theft or loss. There are, frankly, lots of blockchain press releases each and [Read more]

Custodianship is emerging as the new hot-ticket item in cryptos. million coins could be gone forever. This is unwelcome news creating waves of panic within & outside the ecosystem. As news of the QuadrigaCX snafu [Read more]

This news comes as a shock to the operators of the Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, whose chief executive tragically fell ill and reportedly died of Crohn's disease in India. (Some commentators are speculating a "fake" [Read more]

I'll leave that there - compliments of our friends at ZeroHedge. By the way, if you're not familiar with ZeroHedge and like financial reporting (with a hilarious, paranoid schizophrenic edge) check it out. I'm not [Read more]

From BitFly: "We can confirm there was a successful 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic network with multiple 100+ block reorganization. We recommend all services to closely monitored (sic) the chain and significantly increase required confirmations." [Read more]