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This was like a college seminar back at IU; I stayed awake this time. Let's examine the generational wealth transfer about to occur. These notes are based on the presentation by Bitfarms CEO Wes Fulford. Consider: [Read more]

My Crypto Never Sleeps Tour has taken me to London, Dubai, Raleigh, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, and, of course, Chicago. I've met some real characters along the way. One of them is my good pal [Read more]

Blockchain alphabet soup gets longer each month as its the "IEO" now being served up widely. Initial exchange offerings skip formal fundraising rounds - who needs 'em - and go like this: idea + white-paper = [Read more]

Tomorrow evening I'll be at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, with mining clients of our DrawBridge Lending, Chicago-based team. Please join us for drinks at the bar if you're nearby. Our view at [Read more]

It is said there are 5 "Can't Miss" port cities across the globe. In alphabetical order (so as not to incur a social media riot): 1 - Cape Town 2 - Hong Kong 3 - Rio [Read more]

Graphically, this is a depiction to consider. A coin called Enjin announced recently they did a partnership with an Asian tech concern. So many press releases; so little time. Who can keep up. The Asia tie-up, [Read more]

There are breathless reports, in hushed tones, about a crypto lender offering "6.2% annualized compound interest". This payout is in crypto, mind you. Honest take: it's so wrong on so many levels I don't know [Read more]

I love that sentiment, echoed this morning by one of my LinkedIn friends. I see a lot of these local meet ups and incubators popping up all over the globe. And they are great - [Read more]

I spent a lot time volunteering on ICO projects - that's what it called when you don't get paid, right? - so I'd be remiss not to highlight a couple points. This space is less [Read more]

All I hear from crypto clients is how brutal it is to find a proper bank - or any bank, really - to do business with. But one name keeps popping up as a place [Read more]