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In other news, Tether is back to parity at a buck. You gotta give them credit: for a while it looked like the stable coin concept were a mirage. It felt like the bottom would [Read more]

Darico is a case study for the changing dynamics of the crypto industry. In brief: they are bringing equity to the table after first offering coins only. The ultimate end game is the Darico crypto [Read more]

Some people are larger than life. Some people are just really tall. Nikolay Shkilev, PhD is both. Pictured here with my Chicago buddy Jason Cohen (left) and his associate who's card I already lost. See, [Read more]

I didn't hear a single person all day complain about the price of BTC. This is bizarre. In sports, they talk about adherence to "process". Don't worry about the score, don't think about winning or [Read more]

Jon NOT GIVING AWAY ETH Bannister chose this unusual nickname "Not giving away ETH" because scammers were creating fake social media accounts in his name purporting to "give away" Ethereum. So he took the moniker [Read more]

You won't find four finer folks than this group here. We stood in a light rain in Malta for 45 minutes swapping tales of woe & war stories. What an afternoon. Here you have from [Read more]

Even on a rainy night in Malta, spirits weren't dampened as evidenced by the photobombing of my portrait with podcast celebrity Nazareth Qarbozian (hat). The guy in the middle is singlehandedly putting Canadian pot into [Read more]

I'm not a Facebook user so I miss all those fancy birthday reminders. But even on LinkedIn you can't escape the fact a young guy (gal?) by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto turns ten today. [Read more]

Twelve months since my eye-opening, happenstance intro to BTC. Last November, I met wealthy crypto folks by chance and listened. A year later I'm heading to "Blockchain Island" Malta. Three observations: 1 - Preface: I [Read more]

"Oh, Mike, I'm so nervous about your trip to Malta." "Why is that Mom?" "Indonesia just had that big earthquake. Didn't you see it on MSNBC. It was so terrible." "Malaysia" is 1,000 miles from [Read more]