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Heard that 15 minutes ago from an industry contact. I see 3 projects - there are lots more worldwide - dropping the coin/token route and doing equity instead. "The technology is what matters - forgot [Read more]

Most cryptos are under pressure but it seems ETH and even EOS are bellwethers for the market. Well, as I look again at prices maybe it's all of them. The lows of the year (and [Read more]

Drumroll, please. You guessed it: money. Ethereum and EOS are waging a holy war against one another as the two largest decentralized app platforms. Ethereum has a market cap more than six times EOS so [Read more]

Chainlink is soaring despite heavy price action in recent days across most cryptos. "LINK" is up almost 30% in the past 24 hours & nearly 70% over the past month. According to reports, new partnerships [Read more]

The "Greater Fools' Theory" suggests in a bubble price doesn't matter; the only thing of importance is whether another fool will be dumb enough to come along & buy from you the over-priced asset you [Read more]

Li Ka-Shing, the 23rd richest person in the world, reportedly invested in the crypto exchange Bakkt. The Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, is senior advisor for CK Hutchison Holdings. His net worth is [Read more]

Appreciate the perspective John Wright Gotts My article on the subject last August: "The SEC is reportedly considering easing “accredited investor” laws, according to Morgan Creek Digital. According to the report, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said [Read more]

As you may know, I have a strict "zero shill" policy. I never shill for coins, and even though I have several clients in the blockchain and crypto space, I don't talk about them much, either. [Read more]

I've had contacts ask me if I know crypto market makers. You can tell by the tone of their voice the hope is these white knights ride in to save an alt-coins' day. Here are a [Read more]

BTC is positively boring again, as it barely moves. I remember when we were stuck at $6,250 for like 6 weeks and I somehow convinced myself long-term support must have been forming…..yeah, not so much. (Please [Read more]