Regulation pertinent to the cryptocurrency space

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is running for President via the Democratic primary, and by golly, I'm a fan. Aside from serving our country in Iraq, she once bought Ethereum & Litecoin, making her the hippest [Read more]

Appreciate the perspective John Wright Gotts My article on the subject last August: "The SEC is reportedly considering easing “accredited investor” laws, according to Morgan Creek Digital. According to the report, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said [Read more]

A year ago December the Litecoin creator announced he sold and donated his LTC to avoid a "conflict of interest". Understandable. If he owns the coin and he's promoting it on social media that could be [Read more]

What other face can best sum up the joy of ParagonCoin holders than this one - a young, enlightened Sean Penn from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Paragon is up 1600%. It was up 6500%. [Read more]

What recap would be complete without a walk down memory lane of the scammers, con artists and frauds who litter blockchain and cryptos as their new paradise. Someone remarked earlier this year that you're not [Read more]

Just today, Coinbase announced their "path to listing SEC-regulated crypto securities". On a scale of 1-10 this one "goes to 11" (Spinal Tap alert). The SEC isn't buying the utility token narrative. As a result, [Read more]

This is a good read if you find your Fantasy Football season is over. Regulators have a tough job: enforce rules to protect small-time investors but don't stand in the way of tech growth. Yet, [Read more]

India is reportedly toying with lifting a cryptocurrency ban, which according to friendly accounts isn't strictly enforced. I wish I had a clearer account of what's happening but between FUD, different time zones, cultural & [Read more]

Yes, bad guys do exist in the space. That's the findings of a new study released this week by professors from Tulsa and Tel Aviv universities. Among the findings: "The surge of interest in cryptos [Read more]

"We’ve got sort of a collection of commodity markets and then we have a collection of digital securities markets; there has to be a lot clearer definition between what crypto assets are, say, currencies and [Read more]