Regulation pertinent to the cryptocurrency space

From Twitter, compliments of Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano an hour earlier: "BREAKING: SEC Chairman confirms Ethereum is not a security". The market's taking this news in stride - perhaps because this is a confirmation of a previous [Read more]

Algorithmic - or "algo" trading - takes on many permutations. One of which is reading "prose" off news headlines - or scraping wire feeds. Certain words generate buy or sell orders. This can get incredibly sophisticated; [Read more]

Every kid who played the game dreams of playing in Yankee Stadium. Few make it. Just like crypto. Fidelity is live with bitcoin custody - they'll safeguard your digital assets for a fee - but alas, [Read more]

"The man behind the curtain" is one of the best political allegories ever. If, by chance, you've never seen "The Wizard of Oz"...RDW. (Run don't walk) There's a little bit of that going on with [Read more]

The big German derivatives exchange Eurex is reportedly aiming to launch futures on bitcoin, bitcoin cash & XRP. While US exchanges are more or less paralyzed by fears of antagonizing regulators, capital markets wait for [Read more]

A US crypto project called Gladius Network agreed to a settlement with the SEC. They had improperly sold $12.7 million of securities in 2017 and "self-reported" their misdeeds with the nation's top securities regulatory agency. [Read more]

Another shooting in America - this one in the town of Aurora, Illinois, about an hour from my home. The handwringing over guns in America never changes - yet the hits keep coming. One thing [Read more]

Depends whom you ask. Take a stroll down "Crypto Twitter" and you'll get a resounding "Yes!" (and a snarky response or two). Ask 1,000 Registered Investment Advisors at Morgan Stanley or UBS the same question, [Read more]

Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin last year (near the all time high or presumably much higher than where it is today) citing a conflict of interest. I'm no attorney but why does Zuck get [Read more]

Friendly comments from SEC commissioner Jackson did nothing to stem a recent price slide as BTC fell below $3,400. To the question will the SEC ever approve ETFs, he said: "Eventually, do I think someone [Read more]