Blockchain and cryptocurrency related news and headlines around the world.

ZeroHedge out earlier today with a head spinner: Russia's central bank - in an effort to defy US trade sanctions - will begin buying Bitcoin to better manage its economic affairs. It's almost like a [Read more]

The open warfare between the FBI and President of the USA is unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. The FBI's mouthpiece - the New York Times - broke a couple stories of note this [Read more]

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is running for President via the Democratic primary, and by golly, I'm a fan. Aside from serving our country in Iraq, she once bought Ethereum & Litecoin, making her the hippest [Read more]

I guess ultimately there are three options: ignore it, react defensively (shoot the messenger), or embrace it and tackle the issue head on. Look at the week Amazon and Jeff Bezos are having. I'll let [Read more]

Li Ka-Shing, the 23rd richest person in the world, reportedly invested in the crypto exchange Bakkt. The Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, is senior advisor for CK Hutchison Holdings. His net worth is [Read more]

I'm positively all over the map on the Gemini marketing splash "Crypto without Chaos". At first blush, I hate it. The oxymoron, the double-entendre ad campaign is an aggressive form of Russian roulette. It's kind of [Read more]

A few of the big crypto OTC desks reported an uptick of buyers placing orders. I think the article said normally the ratio was near 50-50; in recent weeks buyers were now making 60% of the [Read more]

Fitch warned the US AAA credit rating could be imperiled if the government shutdown persists. In theory, this would drive up US borrowing costs. But like a lot of things lately, this comes off mainly as [Read more]

President Trump begins his national address momentarily on the Wall he wants to build on the southern border with Mexico. Traditionally, Oval Office addresses have been associated with a national crisis like D-Day, Bay of Pigs, [Read more]

If you're connected with me on LinkedIn, you know I'm about all things blockchain, crypto, and Chicago. So this little gem of a story on Bloomberg certainly caught my eye: Trading Technologies, the futures and options [Read more]