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Blockchain and cryptocurrency related news and headlines around the world.

Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, in which he laments "re-centralization" or maturation of cryptos beyond youthful independence to mainstream adoption as evidenced by the entrance of Fidelity & Bakkt. "While many cryptocurrency enthusiasts express blind [Read more]

Christmas is right around the corner, or at least online retailers will remind you it's coming. I chuckled when I saw an ambitious press release this morning. When reading press releases, I always find myself [Read more]

According to a report, one in three South Africans own cryptos while one in two intend to buy them. The South African rand, meantime, has slid 20% this year amid fears of land repatriation and [Read more]

They get my kids down at night; determine which senators are elected; and are used creatively all over blockchain to encourage (mostly) good behavior. Incentives drive virtually all economic decisions and thought - either in [Read more]

A source tells me "all or nearly all the Wall Street banks" are trading BTC for clients. He would know. He spent his career on Wall St. at inarguably the most important bank. He sees [Read more]

In a release this morning the crypto exchange said it will be: "Offering more crypto assets, quickly — we see hundreds of cryptocurrencies that could be added to our platform today and we will lay [Read more]

Taking a page from the "If you can't beat them, join them" school, the Swedish government is offering its very own digital asset: the "e-krona". From NewsBTC: "As the country moves rapidly towards a cashless [Read more]

"Oh, Mike, I'm so nervous about your trip to Malta." "Why is that Mom?" "Indonesia just had that big earthquake. Didn't you see it on MSNBC. It was so terrible." "Malaysia" is 1,000 miles from [Read more]

I called two college newspapers to mention a project led by alumni from their respective schools. They quoted me prices. "We can do page three for $250. Or a cover for $1,000." I thought I [Read more]

Apparently, BTC couldn't care less as its stuck invincibly at $6,500. The Nasdaq had its worst day since 2011. You wanna be careful concluding there is no relationship between equities & digital assets. Relationships change. [Read more]