Blockchain and cryptocurrency related news and headlines around the world.

Some people think disruption has only to do with crypto & digital-assets. Wrong. Look at Hollywood. Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, recently launched a campaign against Netflix films winning Oscars. From [Read more]

Anyone here remember Sidd Finch? Finch was a mythical figure back in the days of my childhood. He was said to be a pitcher who threw the ball 130 miles per hour. And due to [Read more]

In the meantime, the banner headline in The New York Times tomorrow is about an errand boy covering up his boss's mistress. #Priorities Kashmir: the disputed mountainous region India & Pakistan feel is theirs. It's [Read more]

The price action in crypto is blah at best but add another seat to the table of big players joining the party. Sofi, the "alternative lender", is partnering with Coinbase (the modern-day New York Stock [Read more]

In sales, you dream about an effective, robust "distribution network": this allows you to display your goods & services on someone else's world-class platform. The idea is for that "someone else" to be a strong [Read more]

Adoption - or a lack thereof - is the one thing holding back bitcoin and digital assets. This isn't terribly complicated. What value (besides pure speculation) do digital assets serve if they've no underlying purpose [Read more]

I wrote a post recently about how bitcoin wasn't needed in cosmopolitan hotspots but in faraway places without proper banking functions. Lo and handhold the New York Times is out with an op-ed to that [Read more]

I've said all along - well, since last year - IBM is one company to watch in blockchain. Everyone I talk to is trying to backdoor a partnership, investment, anything really, with Big Blue. So [Read more]

I always forget exact rules about "off the record", "background", & "deep background" for journalism. Question: "Mike, why did your journalism career end?" See above; kidding. But you want to respect a sources' privacy; it's [Read more]

Journalists know who I'm talking about; civilians don't. Mr. Winkler singlehandedly wrote the "Bloomberg Way" Style Book for thousands of reporters. I read "Way" when I interned at Bloomberg in New York & Mexico City. [Read more]