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Markets / Trading

Fundamental of trading and markets related to cryptocurrencies. Will include educational content and market sentiment.

I will come right and tell you what I think: I have no clue. This is where it gets tempting to go read 15 other peoples' articles, take a straw poll, or ask a friend. [Read more]

Who benefits from crypto volatility? Will an influx of new derivatives help or hurt prices? I've had LI connections solicit my views on both topics. These are complex ideas; I'll do my best. Regulators decide [Read more]

Wordsmithing puts me to sleep. But sometimes you have to dissect things literally. Like the US Fed, the Financial Stability Board tells us: "Based on the available information, crypto-assets do not pose a material risk [Read more]

What's more prevalent in the "fintech" of blockchain - the "finance" or the "technology"? According to a friend, it's finance - and it's not even close. "Last year, everyone was chasing the next Ethereum. Those [Read more]

It can be done poorly (see Mr. Trump begging you to buy stocks); foolishly (see Mr. Musk's "I'm buying Tesla back" - and the ensuing fine); or ingeniously, subtly and even spectacularly. Look at this [Read more]

You know what's funny: the inverse relationship between the love-him, hate-him Trump views - exactly no one is neutral - and the number of people who actually go to the polls. Not too many. As [Read more]

The crypto equivalent of "All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go" has to be the push to launch Security Token Offerings (STOs). But there's this one small hitch accompanying the movement - there's hardly any [Read more]

As Forbes reported: "Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have tended to surge in price ahead of hard forks (which result in the creation of a second chain and token) as investors of the original chain [Read more]

Big rally in cryptos to start the week even though BTC is barely capable of more than a modest uptick. I didn't see any significant announcements coming out of Malta but that might be due [Read more]

I'm fighting the temptation to Google "Why is Bitcoin Cash up 20%?" and for once I'm putting away expediency. Look: who cares why it's rallying  - they got added to a new exchange, Roger Ver [Read more]