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Fundamental of trading and markets related to cryptocurrencies. Will include educational content and market sentiment.

It's a mystery to me why bitcoin for 3 months has traded in a profoundly minuscule range. Two years ago, the world's digital asset was routinely putting in 25% daily moves up or down (usually up). [Read more]

One concept I'm going to start researching more is the bitcoin halving or "halvening", due in some 400 days. I remember as a kid we had locusts every 17 years. I thought that was pretty cool; [Read more]

From Twitter, compliments of Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano an hour earlier: "BREAKING: SEC Chairman confirms Ethereum is not a security". The market's taking this news in stride - perhaps because this is a confirmation of a previous [Read more]

Algorithmic - or "algo" trading - takes on many permutations. One of which is reading "prose" off news headlines - or scraping wire feeds. Certain words generate buy or sell orders. This can get incredibly sophisticated; [Read more]

You rank teams, players, fantasy players, coaches, fans, stadium food. How about a Power Ranking for global currencies. Ok, fine. I'll get it started: 1 - US Dollar 2 - Chinese Yuan 3 - Swiss Sterling [Read more]

Stellar rallied 11% overnight to lead top coins.  It's almost incomprehensible the devastation wracked on the Stellar community, in terms of price. The number 9 coin last January briefly traded 70 cents; this morning - daylight-savings [Read more]

Graphically, this is a depiction to consider. A coin called Enjin announced recently they did a partnership with an Asian tech concern. So many press releases; so little time. Who can keep up. The Asia tie-up, [Read more]

I wouldn't say "Animal Spirits Have Re-Awakened" but the eyelids appear cracked open slightly. This is not financial advice. Please do your own  research. I chatted with an enthusiastic, young crypto hedge-fund manager today. This [Read more]

It's now the number 7 coin in the world. My friend texts me last night: "Do you own BNB?" (I do not.) You know a coin is the envy of the crypto universe when friends [Read more]

The simple fact is alt-coins have been better performers in recent months versus the grand pooh-bah, bitcoin. Maybe this is due to the fact alt-coins were on deaths door a few months ago and bitcoin, [Read more]