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Fundamental of trading and markets related to cryptocurrencies. Will include educational content and market sentiment.

ZeroHedge out earlier today with a head spinner: Russia's central bank - in an effort to defy US trade sanctions - will begin buying Bitcoin to better manage its economic affairs. It's almost like a [Read more]

In the pantheon of Chicago brokerage legends in the past half century you have Lee Stern. Ray Cahnman. Leo Melamed. And Les Rosenthal. That's your Mount Rushmore. There's a good chance if you made a [Read more]

Most cryptos are under pressure but it seems ETH and even EOS are bellwethers for the market. Well, as I look again at prices maybe it's all of them. The lows of the year (and [Read more]

Drumroll, please. You guessed it: money. Ethereum and EOS are waging a holy war against one another as the two largest decentralized app platforms. Ethereum has a market cap more than six times EOS so [Read more]

I was checking out an app called Coin Stats this week. Two-word review: not bad. It has this tab where you can sort by biggest moves in the past 24 hours. They have links to [Read more]

Chainlink is soaring despite heavy price action in recent days across most cryptos. "LINK" is up almost 30% in the past 24 hours & nearly 70% over the past month. According to reports, new partnerships [Read more]

The "Greater Fools' Theory" suggests in a bubble price doesn't matter; the only thing of importance is whether another fool will be dumb enough to come along & buy from you the over-priced asset you [Read more]

My kids were playing indoor baseball the other day (I never liked that TV, anyway) and my daughter ran over in tears: "Dad, what's a 'Slaughter Rule' - Patrick says we can't play anymore." Wouldn't [Read more]

Appreciate the perspective John Wright Gotts My article on the subject last August: "The SEC is reportedly considering easing “accredited investor” laws, according to Morgan Creek Digital. According to the report, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said [Read more]

The bears kept quiet to start the year but last night staged an epic, out-of-the-blue ambush pushing prices to 2-week lows. I guess you could say the jury is still out on whether the upcoming Ethereum [Read more]