News and headlines related to Crypto Exchanges.

The CBOE announced they were taking a pause on their btc derivatives experiment, as they will not be "rolling" their futures contract forward. I wouldn't read too much into this. I type this from the CBOT [Read more]

Blockchain alphabet soup gets longer each month as its the "IEO" now being served up widely. Initial exchange offerings skip formal fundraising rounds - who needs 'em - and go like this: idea + white-paper = [Read more]

Every kid who played the game dreams of playing in Yankee Stadium. Few make it. Just like crypto. Fidelity is live with bitcoin custody - they'll safeguard your digital assets for a fee - but alas, [Read more]

3 of the top 8 coins in the world rallied 15% higher in a few hours. We're now seeing sharp moves in both directions on a fairly regular basis. It's anyone's guess as to whether [Read more]

Any trader worth his or her salt can tell you where this photo was taken: Ceres, CBOT, Chicago. Every time I'm in that place someone remarks: "Oh, if the walls could talk." So I corresponded [Read more]

I remember a year ago when Coinbase made news with their $8 billion valuation. The howls of laughter that were heard. "What kind of idiots would pay eight billion dollars for a crypto start up?" [Read more]

XRP - the coin formerly known as "Ripple" - is close to being listed on Coinbase, and trading will begin soon, according to reports. Let's go right to our sideline reporter down on the field [Read more]

The big German derivatives exchange Eurex is reportedly aiming to launch futures on bitcoin, bitcoin cash & XRP. While US exchanges are more or less paralyzed by fears of antagonizing regulators, capital markets wait for [Read more]

I could have sworn I just saw a story volumes were plunging; now they are at all-time highs. Welcome to Crypto. From reports: "According to stats from the CME there was volume of 18,338 on [Read more]

Some of the biggest insurance names on the planet are insuring - you guessed it - bitcoin and other digital assets from theft or loss. There are, frankly, lots of blockchain press releases each and [Read more]