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News and headlines related to Crypto Exchanges.

What's more prevalent in the "fintech" of blockchain - the "finance" or the "technology"? According to a friend, it's finance - and it's not even close. "Last year, everyone was chasing the next Ethereum. Those [Read more]

The crypto equivalent of "All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go" has to be the push to launch Security Token Offerings (STOs). But there's this one small hitch accompanying the movement - there's hardly any [Read more]

"We have no office, we have no bank account, and we have users from 180 different countries." CZ from Binance on a blockchain panel today. I don't know if this is hyperbole or he is [Read more]

In a release this morning the crypto exchange said it will be: "Offering more crypto assets, quickly — we see hundreds of cryptocurrencies that could be added to our platform today and we will lay [Read more]

In the exchange world, the battle of the behemoths is CME vs. ICE. They're like Coke and Pepsi. Or Ali and Frazier. American capital markets are the most liquid & important in the world; everyone [Read more]

Up an enviable 50% on a Hacked report a Coinbase listing may be in the works. "BAT has been quietly recording day on day growth for the last four days as anticipation builds regarding a [Read more]

It's time for crypto exchanges to think outside the box. Specifically, they need to be much more aggressive with market making programs paying and incentivizing traders to provide liquidity. This practice existed for years in [Read more]

Mr. Weild is former vice chairman of Nasdaq and instrumental in the passage of the JOBS Act. He says Fidelity "sees an opportunity" in cryptos and due to their position of trust can make a [Read more]

Binance's "CZ" continues to get it done. In a Tweet, he laid out his buyback plan for BNB. There's a raging debate about the virtues of owning equity versus a so-called "utility" coin: how are [Read more]

Name the exchange that has the highest notional value of Bitcoin traded on a daily basis 14% of the time; this same exchange is 2nd in daily notional BTC volume 70% of the time. Drumroll, [Read more]