Crypto and Blockchain related events around the world

The Fed convenes today; tomorrow they'll announce rate plans. For the first time in ages, it's shaping up to be a close call. A week ago a 1/4 point hike was baked in but with [Read more]

I spent the better part of last week on blockchain island, as Malta gets to be known lately. The small country itself doesn’t ooze of technological innovation as one would come to expect from all [Read more]

You know what's funny: the inverse relationship between the love-him, hate-him Trump views - exactly no one is neutral - and the number of people who actually go to the polls. Not too many. As [Read more]

Met a guy here who worked as an intelligence officer for a European power pre-Snowden. You listen to him & understand the mind-boggling complexity of the issue: if your data touches the Internet, it cannot [Read more]

Some people are larger than life. Some people are just really tall. Nikolay Shkilev, PhD is both. Pictured here with my Chicago buddy Jason Cohen (left) and his associate who's card I already lost. See, [Read more]

I didn't hear a single person all day complain about the price of BTC. This is bizarre. In sports, they talk about adherence to "process". Don't worry about the score, don't think about winning or [Read more]

Jon NOT GIVING AWAY ETH Bannister chose this unusual nickname "Not giving away ETH" because scammers were creating fake social media accounts in his name purporting to "give away" Ethereum. So he took the moniker [Read more]

You won't find four finer folks than this group here. We stood in a light rain in Malta for 45 minutes swapping tales of woe & war stories. What an afternoon. Here you have from [Read more]

Even on a rainy night in Malta, spirits weren't dampened as evidenced by the photobombing of my portrait with podcast celebrity Nazareth Qarbozian (hat). The guy in the middle is singlehandedly putting Canadian pot into [Read more]

Our motto is "We're Going to Disintermediate Everything". Now, if you can kindly join the queue your taxi will be ready for you in two hours. Ah, cutting edge fintech ideas in conflict with backwards [Read more]