Crypto and Blockchain related events around the world

My Crypto Never Sleeps Tour has taken me to London, Dubai, Raleigh, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, and, of course, Chicago. I've met some real characters along the way. One of them is my good pal [Read more]

If my brother Pat sees this photo he'll be aghast. "Mike, we've talked about proper lighting techniques." The cinematographer. I'm at a mining conference in Vancouver and the indescribable beauty of this city is matched only [Read more]

It's great to be here. This trade show is for professionals. I heard "Lightning Network" three times while waiting for coffee. People are talking shop - digital currencies, banking, mining, lending. In bitcoin or alt-coins. There [Read more]

Tomorrow evening I'll be at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, with mining clients of our DrawBridge Lending, Chicago-based team. Please join us for drinks at the bar if you're nearby. Our view at [Read more]

It is said there are 5 "Can't Miss" port cities across the globe. In alphabetical order (so as not to incur a social media riot): 1 - Cape Town 2 - Hong Kong 3 - Rio [Read more]

The Building Block team in Chicago had their quarterly meeting today at Texas de Brazil near Michigan Avenue. As CEO Simon Enwia remarked: "The President won't be giving his State of the Union address but [Read more]

The Fed convenes today; tomorrow they'll announce rate plans. For the first time in ages, it's shaping up to be a close call. A week ago a 1/4 point hike was baked in but with [Read more]

I spent the better part of last week on blockchain island, as Malta gets to be known lately. The small country itself doesn’t ooze of technological innovation as one would come to expect from all [Read more]

You know what's funny: the inverse relationship between the love-him, hate-him Trump views - exactly no one is neutral - and the number of people who actually go to the polls. Not too many. As [Read more]

Met a guy here who worked as an intelligence officer for a European power pre-Snowden. You listen to him & understand the mind-boggling complexity of the issue: if your data touches the Internet, it cannot [Read more]