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Educational material related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Will include beginner introduction to more expert technical material.

Who benefits from crypto volatility? Will an influx of new derivatives help or hurt prices? I've had LI connections solicit my views on both topics. These are complex ideas; I'll do my best. Regulators decide [Read more]

My daughter Sophia with her "Starry Night" knockoff. Our 3rd grader is representing St. Clement of Chicago here at the Bloomington-Normal state-wide competition. Her work is an imitation of Vincent Van Gogh's original. Did you [Read more]

Christmas is right around the corner, or at least online retailers will remind you it's coming. I chuckled when I saw an ambitious press release this morning. When reading press releases, I always find myself [Read more]

Just celebrated my first Diwali celebration with 4Rev sidekick Varun Sehgal and my (amped-up) kids. Naturally, we ended up at a Turkish restaurant. With all my new Indian friends this year in blockchain, surely this [Read more]

According to a report, one in three South Africans own cryptos while one in two intend to buy them. The South African rand, meantime, has slid 20% this year amid fears of land repatriation and [Read more]

They get my kids down at night; determine which senators are elected; and are used creatively all over blockchain to encourage (mostly) good behavior. Incentives drive virtually all economic decisions and thought - either in [Read more]

I'm fighting the temptation to Google "Why is Bitcoin Cash up 20%?" and for once I'm putting away expediency. Look: who cares why it's rallying  - they got added to a new exchange, Roger Ver [Read more]

Met a guy here who worked as an intelligence officer for a European power pre-Snowden. You listen to him & understand the mind-boggling complexity of the issue: if your data touches the Internet, it cannot [Read more]

Jon NOT GIVING AWAY ETH Bannister chose this unusual nickname "Not giving away ETH" because scammers were creating fake social media accounts in his name purporting to "give away" Ethereum. So he took the moniker [Read more]

Taking a page from the "If you can't beat them, join them" school, the Swedish government is offering its very own digital asset: the "e-krona". From NewsBTC: "As the country moves rapidly towards a cashless [Read more]