Educational material related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Will include beginner introduction to more expert technical material.

I was checking out an app called Coin Stats this week. Two-word review: not bad. It has this tab where you can sort by biggest moves in the past 24 hours. They have links to [Read more]

I guess ultimately there are three options: ignore it, react defensively (shoot the messenger), or embrace it and tackle the issue head on. Look at the week Amazon and Jeff Bezos are having. I'll let [Read more]

There are certain crypto critics who, out of respect, I won't go near. Obviously, Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger are off limits. Jamie Dimon and Ray Dalio and BlackRock's Larry Fink. I think these folks have [Read more]

Bloomberg's editorial board out with a slam dunk pieceOh wait: I mean, give the president his wall - and clean his pockets while you do it. From a negotiating stand point, Mr. Trump has painted himself [Read more]

A year ago December the Litecoin creator announced he sold and donated his LTC to avoid a "conflict of interest". Understandable. If he owns the coin and he's promoting it on social media that could be [Read more]

I read something the other day that blew my mind: no Wall St. sell-side research team has predicted since 2000 stocks would finish lower on the year. This seems unfathomable - unless you take into [Read more]

I was out with friends over the holiday and a buddy told me his brother-in-law, a Chicago cop, was set to retire soon after 30 years on the job: he's 54. At yet another festive [Read more]

Many small companies have an unwritten rule: their CEO, chairman, founder will live forever. Immortality. It's a heck of a strategy: until the day all of a sudden - poof - he or she is [Read more]

My neighbor stopped me the other day. "Merry Christmas. How are the kids? Hey, my employer asked me to develop a blockchain strategy for a client. I don't have a CLUE where to begin. What [Read more]

The one thing that has to change in blockchain is projects have to find ways to make money. Don't even show me your project unless you have a pro forma balance sheet attached with a [Read more]