Educational material related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Will include beginner introduction to more expert technical material.

Blockchain alphabet soup gets longer each month as its the "IEO" now being served up widely. Initial exchange offerings skip formal fundraising rounds - who needs 'em - and go like this: idea + white-paper = [Read more]

You rank teams, players, fantasy players, coaches, fans, stadium food. How about a Power Ranking for global currencies. Ok, fine. I'll get it started: 1 - US Dollar 2 - Chinese Yuan 3 - Swiss Sterling [Read more]

From reports: "ETH has the most developers working on its base protocol of all cryptocurrencies, not counting community project developers. Per the post, the company fingerprinted over 20,000 code repositories and 16 million commits to obtain [Read more]

JPMorgan is, essentially, the living embodiment of the Federal Reserve. They're the indispensable American bank. They stand locked arm-in-arm first in line, last to leave at the Fed window, taking money on the cheap & [Read more]

When I started 4Rev I had all kinds of hopes of finding & publishing the works of other writers who had a keen interest in this nascent blockchain & crypto space. I had visions of [Read more]

Bob Costas may be remembered not as the top sports journalist of his generation but as something different - whistleblower. Mr. Costas left NBC after four decades a few months back. And only now is [Read more]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - "AOC" - is being lampooned by the establishment for her costly, pie-in-the-sky Green New Deal. It's Socialism, we're hearing. Some are calling it "MABA" - Make Alexandria Bartend Again. The critics are [Read more]

If you loaned a friend $1000 until the end of the year, you might consider asking this person to just return the principle. "Just pay me back," a good friend might say. Now what if [Read more]

Two unlikely candidates quietly advancing digital assets behind the scenes. A large Philippines bank will now allow a "two-way ATM"; in 37 Argentine cities bus riders may pay with BTC. And this is exactly my [Read more]

I used to tease my Peace Corps housemate Tina about how she'd anecdotally support her arguments. "Teenagers don't drink and smoke. None of my friends in Rock Hill, SC, would ever do that." I'd remind [Read more]