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My biggest takeaway from the Vancouver summit is the mindset of a bitcoin miner. It's a hoarder's mentality - and I mean that without a hint of disrespect. A trader's mentality is to be transactional; you [Read more]

Creating smaller hedging derivatives in crypto will be massively helpful. Just this week CME announced micro contracts for a variety of their traditional equity contracts; the retail community went berserk over the news. Wait until they [Read more]

The CBOE announced they were taking a pause on their btc derivatives experiment, as they will not be "rolling" their futures contract forward. I wouldn't read too much into this. I type this from the CBOT [Read more]

This was like a college seminar back at IU; I stayed awake this time. Let's examine the generational wealth transfer about to occur. These notes are based on the presentation by Bitfarms CEO Wes Fulford. Consider: [Read more]

I was boarding my flight in Vancouver tonight and this advertisement on the walkway caught my eye. From what I can tell, it's an add for the British bank HSBC. Look at the curious tagline below: [Read more]

It's a mystery to me why bitcoin for 3 months has traded in a profoundly minuscule range. Two years ago, the world's digital asset was routinely putting in 25% daily moves up or down (usually up). [Read more]

My Crypto Never Sleeps Tour has taken me to London, Dubai, Raleigh, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, and, of course, Chicago. I've met some real characters along the way. One of them is my good pal [Read more]

One concept I'm going to start researching more is the bitcoin halving or "halvening", due in some 400 days. I remember as a kid we had locusts every 17 years. I thought that was pretty cool; [Read more]

My brother-in-law Dan Murphy says to my ex-Traditum colleague Ari Officer: "What did you think of Rolling Stones' Goldman Sachs piece." You remember; GS as: "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly [Read more]

If my brother Pat sees this photo he'll be aghast. "Mike, we've talked about proper lighting techniques." The cinematographer. I'm at a mining conference in Vancouver and the indescribable beauty of this city is matched only [Read more]