Crypto 101

Introduction to the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. What, why do we need them and how to own and trade these digital assets.

The word blockchain is on everyone’s lips right now. Although you might not really understand what “blockchain” means, chances are you’ve heard people talk about it (a lot). Some people believe it will change our [Read more]

With the second largest market cap in the cryptocurrency world, Ethereum has drawn a lot of attention from investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. This relatively new cryptocurrency not only presents a significant change to the [Read more]

The Bitcoin world is abuzz with both excitement and curiosity… and the opportunity for upside potential to skyrocket. Everyone from everyday Joes to reputable experts are betting on Bitcoin’s success. It’s been a wild 8 [Read more]

Ask yourself: are you curious? Does your curiosity lead to passion? If yes, then here are some resources which can start answering your questions while simultaneously uncovering new ones. Other resources can help you develop [Read more]

Contrary to perception, not all cryptocurrencies are the same. Each one of them is unique in its own way, developed with the aim of addressing a particular need. Just like in the stock market, cryptocurrencies [Read more]

The crypto and blockchain tech space has evolved a great deal over the past one year. New protocols that seemed impossible in the past, are slowly cropping up, thanks to widespread adoption and acceptance of [Read more]

What Are Wallets and How Did We Get Here? The emergence of cryptocurrencies paints a heroic story for modern finance, one which depicts the owner of money as being the custodian of it, taking away [Read more]

Altcoins offer a wide range of cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin but their effectiveness compared to Bitcoin is a matter of perspective. Altcoins currently cover roughly 2/3 of the cryptocurrency market cap. It is funny to think that [Read more]

It has been close to a decade since Bitcoin (BTC) was launched and with that, the virtual currency sector has grown tremendously. At first digital currencies served as a mechanism for peer-to-peer payments due to [Read more]

We at 4Rev are committed to independent crypto research and analsyis. Part of our mission is to provide core, critical documents to our readers. Without any doubt, we believe Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper: "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer [Read more]