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FOMO is usually associated with the phenomenon of retail investors chasing bubbles, as we saw recently in the fall of 2017 with the $20k chase in bitcoin. But institutions and organizations don't want to get [Read more]

The term "Treasury Management" is one you'll be hearing if this impressive rally can hold. As we saw last year, hardly anyone in digital assets had proper hedges in place so balance sheets got destroyed [Read more]

My old trading buddy Bret Rosenthal weighs  in after months of silence: "What a rally.". That pretty much says it all. Just in the last hour we have come off recent highs to take a [Read more]

Ethereum up almost 20% over the past 24 hours. Since around Thanksgiving the world's number 2 digital asset has soared an improbable 325%. Is my math right - it's now $262 versus $82. I took [Read more]

Mr. Miller & I have been pals now for over a year. He lives in Paris & does business development for the crypto publication. I've told him before & I mean it, I think CoinDesk, [Read more]

With Robert Salvador & our tennis-star turned bitcoin miner. (Card lost somewhere in cab 48254.) So Rob's building a blockchain solution for the construction industry. On these big, multi-million dollar projects you need a centralized [Read more]

Ethereum is on fire, too, as digital assets are now making a tremendous amount of noise. Recall that months ago a handful of crypto luminaries pounded the table saying $175-ish would be the low for [Read more]

Three of the most outstanding women in blockchain: Shruthi Rao NINA KAPLAN Marie-Noel Nsana. It never gets tiresome seeing old friends & making new ones. The AWS gala was a sensational event oozing with talent, [Read more]

It might be. Please do your own research; this is not financial advice. Several crypto contacts have postulated this theory to me, and the more thought I give it, I think they're right. Practically speaking [Read more]

The coin formerly known as Ripple is exploding higher on Day 2 of the big NYC blockchain confab. Stuck at thirty cents while other tokens had strong gains since December, this unexpected move is a [Read more]