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Another day, another crypto-exchange hack. This time a small New Zealand platform called Cryptopia reports "significant losses" - but the overall market shrugs off the news as the momentary rally started yesterday continues. As Binance's [Read more]

ZeroHedge out earlier today with a head spinner: Russia's central bank - in an effort to defy US trade sanctions - will begin buying Bitcoin to better manage its economic affairs. It's almost like a [Read more]

In the pantheon of Chicago brokerage legends in the past half century you have Lee Stern. Ray Cahnman. Leo Melamed. And Les Rosenthal. That's your Mount Rushmore. There's a good chance if you made a [Read more]

Heard that 15 minutes ago from an industry contact. I see 3 projects - there are lots more worldwide - dropping the coin/token route and doing equity instead. "The technology is what matters - forgot [Read more]

Most cryptos are under pressure but it seems ETH and even EOS are bellwethers for the market. Well, as I look again at prices maybe it's all of them. The lows of the year (and [Read more]

I wrote about the President last night, as I have a tendency to do lately, and one of my connections asked me politely if I wasn't better off sticking to cryptos & leaving LinkedIn a [Read more]

Drumroll, please. You guessed it: money. Ethereum and EOS are waging a holy war against one another as the two largest decentralized app platforms. Ethereum has a market cap more than six times EOS so [Read more]

The open warfare between the FBI and President of the USA is unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. The FBI's mouthpiece - the New York Times - broke a couple stories of note this [Read more]

@CaptAndrewLuck on Twitter is the most spectacular follow you'll find. His "missives" are a pretend diary between a young Civil War solider & his mother. If you like football and have a penchant for history, [Read more]

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is running for President via the Democratic primary, and by golly, I'm a fan. Aside from serving our country in Iraq, she once bought Ethereum & Litecoin, making her the hippest [Read more]