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Heard that 15 minutes ago from an industry contact. I see 3 projects - there are lots more worldwide - dropping the coin/token route and doing equity instead. "The technology is what matters - forgot [Read more]

Part 1: In the history book of bear markets, 2018 gets two chapters unto itself. Normally, markets don't drop for 365 days with nary an uptick and only failed rallies. Yet that's what we've seen. [Read more]

If you follow my ramblings on LinkedIn, first off: thank you. But I'm just a bystander, really. A man who's watched way too many old movies and carries a handy iPhone. James Radecki is at [Read more]

This is a good read if you find your Fantasy Football season is over. Regulators have a tough job: enforce rules to protect small-time investors but don't stand in the way of tech growth. Yet, [Read more]

This goes back to 1975 with blind taste tests at malls of the upstart's soft drink and Coke. The point was you couldn't tell the difference between the two colas. How about the EOS Challenge [Read more]

My neighbor stopped me the other day. "Merry Christmas. How are the kids? Hey, my employer asked me to develop a blockchain strategy for a client. I don't have a CLUE where to begin. What [Read more]

Great reporting by Forbes in "Cryptopia in Crisis: Joe Lubin's Ethereum Experiment is a Mess". If you're looking for a terrific thought piece on where we've been, where we are, and where we are going [Read more]

We've seen monster rallies this year in XRP, ETH & BCH. They invariably fail but a question: is BTC no longer capable of runaway moves. Has it lost its mojo forever. Sure, it's bigger than [Read more]

If you get a few minutes, watch this video. Apparently, FB is building a "rock star" team of developers and this project is trying to regain the lost trust the social-media platform has experienced in [Read more]

A US congressman called this week for a "WallCoin" amid howling ridicule heard from here to the Rio Grande. I am not a "Wall" guy, so I just clicked on to the next story. But [Read more]