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I will come right and tell you what I think: I have no clue. This is where it gets tempting to go read 15 other peoples' articles, take a straw poll, or ask a friend. [Read more]

My daughter Sophia with her "Starry Night" knockoff. Our 3rd grader is representing St. Clement of Chicago here at the Bloomington-Normal state-wide competition. Her work is an imitation of Vincent Van Gogh's original. Did you [Read more]

What's more prevalent in the "fintech" of blockchain - the "finance" or the "technology"? According to a friend, it's finance - and it's not even close. "Last year, everyone was chasing the next Ethereum. Those [Read more]

I spent the better part of last week on blockchain island, as Malta gets to be known lately. The small country itself doesn’t ooze of technological innovation as one would come to expect from all [Read more]

Just celebrated my first Diwali celebration with 4Rev sidekick Varun Sehgal and my (amped-up) kids. Naturally, we ended up at a Turkish restaurant. With all my new Indian friends this year in blockchain, surely this [Read more]

Met a guy here who worked as an intelligence officer for a European power pre-Snowden. You listen to him & understand the mind-boggling complexity of the issue: if your data touches the Internet, it cannot [Read more]

Shout out to my friend Nazareth Qarbozian for being acknowledged as one of the leading voices on LinkedIn across all genres - not just blockchain. From the report: "70.) Nazareth Qarbozian - Nazareth is an [Read more]

You may notice I don't geek out too much on the tech of blockchain because a lot of it goes over my head. But conceptually it makes sense to me. One term floating around with [Read more]

I was talking to one of my pals and they were discussing the merits of taking VC money versus Angel money. In finance, the world I come from, all money is counted pretty much the [Read more]

“I pity the fool.” The Bitcoin is “worthless and usable” camp comes to mind. Right now, cryptocurrencies are seeping into local economies near and far as accepted transfers of payments. In Singapore, according to reports, [Read more]