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My biggest takeaway from the Vancouver summit is the mindset of a bitcoin miner. It's a hoarder's mentality - and I mean that without a hint of disrespect. A trader's mentality is to be transactional; you [Read more]

I was boarding my flight in Vancouver tonight and this advertisement on the walkway caught my eye. From what I can tell, it's an add for the British bank HSBC. Look at the curious tagline below: [Read more]

If my brother Pat sees this photo he'll be aghast. "Mike, we've talked about proper lighting techniques." The cinematographer. I'm at a mining conference in Vancouver and the indescribable beauty of this city is matched only [Read more]

Some people think disruption has only to do with crypto & digital-assets. Wrong. Look at Hollywood. Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, recently launched a campaign against Netflix films winning Oscars. From [Read more]

I love that sentiment, echoed this morning by one of my LinkedIn friends. I see a lot of these local meet ups and incubators popping up all over the globe. And they are great - [Read more]

Anyone who's met me knows me "Three Minutes" isn't nearly enough time - I'll talk your ear off for hours if you let me:) But all jokes aside it was a total pleasure to have [Read more]

I've said all along - well, since last year - IBM is one company to watch in blockchain. Everyone I talk to is trying to backdoor a partnership, investment, anything really, with Big Blue. So [Read more]

I see a Tweet Friday from Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano saying he'll be in Amsterdam over the weekend - who should he meet with. I like the Tweet, and reply: Simon Rikmenspoel. The next day we [Read more]

When I started 4Rev I had all kinds of hopes of finding & publishing the works of other writers who had a keen interest in this nascent blockchain & crypto space. I had visions of [Read more]

If you read my random rumblings you know by now "deep tech" isn't my strong suit. (Not that I have one). But this so-called Lightning Network has critics fawning. Based on what I read about [Read more]