BTC Stable, as Others Move Up to Start the Week

By | Nov 04, 2018

BTC Stable, as Others Move Up to Start the Week

Big rally in cryptos to start the week even though BTC is barely capable of more than a modest uptick.

I didn’t see any significant announcements coming out of Malta but that might be due to the fact I haven’t internet access in 4 days but whatever the case: a bunch of blockchain folks got together on an island and a pleasant rally is upon us.

The Winklevoss twins were supposed to be here i didn’t see them. McAfee was all over the place. People like him.

I love Europe but man is this place stuck in the Stone Ages. A lot of people were comparing this event to ones in Dubai or Singapore, and the sentiment is it’s not even close. I don’t like to be a bad guest but I do believe it’s fair to say customer service in Europe, though courteous, could use a WiFi upgrade.

Every Top 10 coin aside from BTC is up more than 2% to start the week. I’m not a superstitious sort but it does bear mentioning almost one year ago to the day cryptos took off and didn’t look back for almost ten weeks. The “shorts” still have the upper hand for now, though, as $6,500 is basically impenetrable for reasons unknown to me.

I still find it odd how much alt-coins are inextricably tied to BTC. This makes no sense on one level and all the sense in the world on another level. I guess your perspective matters.

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