BitTorrent Token Sale Closes in Under 15 Minutes

By | Jan 29, 2019

BitTorrent Token Sale Closes in Under 15 Minutes

The Fog of War extends well beyond the Beltway and into the laps of the few remaining crypto traders each and every morning.

Exhibit A: The BitTorrent Token Sale

Yesterday, these folks tied out their entire $7.2 million funding round in minutes. This is like “Back to the ICO Future” – with reports of some frustrated would-be “BTT” investors being shut out completely. TRON – like nearly every coin – is down about 90% from its all-time highs; BTT is riding sidecar on the TRON Lambo and it’s standing-room only. What’s Sheryl Sandberg say: “When someone gives you a ticket to the Moon, don’t ask what seat you’re in.”

TRON’s Justin Sun: “It is official: In the BNB session, all 23.76 billion BTT were sold to token sale participants within 13 minutes and 25 seconds. Meanwhile, in the TRON session, all 35.64 billion BTT were sold within 14 minutes and 41 seconds.”

Binance’s CZ: “Both sessions concluded. Took about 18 minutes. Demand was astronomical.”

Yet, a top crypto reporter added: “I’m very surprised @binance put their reputation on the line with the $BTT token, affiliate with Tron” FUD, FUD, FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Even on a hapless, winless squad, good news is slammed. It’s like Steve Kerr on the Golden State Warriors: “This must be the most scrutinized team ever”. DYOR.

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