Bitcoin Cash Leading Rally, Up 20%

By | Nov 04, 2018

Bitcoin Cash Leading Rally, Up 20%

I’m fighting the temptation to Google “Why is Bitcoin Cash up 20%?” and for once I’m putting away expediency.

Look: who cares why it’s rallying  – they got added to a new exchange, Roger Ver got a haircut, they’re selling direct flights from Malta to ORD – none of this matters.

You’ve got this asset now worth a billion dollars more since my salmon-pizza post. This is funny because I typed “millions”.

Big difference.

When you get to the airport at noon & your flight is pre-dawn, invariably you wind up fiddling endlessly at the local Westin.

“Es una problema. Soy creato este exacto problema.”

My Spanish is terrible, and I love paella.

But seriously, why the heck is Bitcoin Cash flying through the roof? Here’s the point: whatever Google says didn’t properly equip you or me for this monster move. No one had a clue this was coming – even Google. Or they would have sent you an alert.

What’s my point  (do I have one)? There’s a lot happening underneath the surface. Coins will move on whims; or listings; or adoption; hairdos; or because people are starting to believe this stuff matters.

Whatever, Bjtcoin Cash is worth a cool billion more than since last time you probably checked.

Does it signal a broader move? I’m the same guy who’s trying to find his passport. Don’t ask me.

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