Bitcoin Cash “Fork” News Lit a Fire Under the Coin

By | Nov 05, 2018

Bitcoin Cash “Fork” News Lit a Fire Under the Coin

As Forbes reported: “Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have tended to surge in price ahead of hard forks (which result in the creation of a second chain and token) as investors of the original chain are rewarded with the newly created cryptocurrency based on a 1:1 ratio.”

It’s a stark reminder cryptos can bounce from time to time. We’ve been in a severe bear market for 10 months now so you can get trapped thinking prices will be suppressed indefinitely. And then the number 4 coin in the world spikes nearly 40% while tacking on a few billion in market cap and you realize there may be upside in some of these darn things. But please: this is not investment advice. DYOR.

Ethereum is another one to watch as many ICOs collect funds in that currency. The ETH market slid a few weeks ago below $180 but has done a decent job holding onto recent gains. A lot of industry folks are counting on ETH to perk up so they can eventually get paid.

I got to check out Krakow today & the city was very cool. My camera is broken so I couldn’t take any photos. Cabs here don’t take debit or credit cards I found out and now I have to send 40 euros to a guy named Kristof. It’s remarkable payment systems are so outdated in developed economies.

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