Berghoff’s Restaurant, Chicago

By | Apr 09, 2019

Berghoff’s Restaurant, Chicago

With my attorney Olta Andoni, Esq., Head of Blockchain at Ziliak Law here in the city. Who do I turn to when I have a question about security tokens? Olta. When I have to cross-reference a SEC rule? Olta. When I need a lawyer in Almaty, Kazakistan. You guessed it.

When she’s not teaching international law at Chicago’s esteemed Kent College of Law, she can often be found jet-setting to places like Lviv, Ukraine, or Istanbul, Turkey, to educate foreign students on legal theories & practice.

A student of the blockchain world & early adopter of crypto, Ms. Andoni has dedicated her professional tenure to fin-tech & digital assets. Like all good attorneys, she has a tendency to tell clients “No” – unless she’s certain she has a compliant, regulatory structure in place to get the job done the right way.

I had a foreign crypto client tell me their project had no attorney representing them “because the rules in (that country) are very lax.” Dear Lord, help us. Better yet: call Olta. Now, I’ll get accused of playing favorites for my Chicago friends – and to that charge I plead guilty. Sorry, but you’ve gotta support the local squad😊

In all sincerity, though, nothing makes me happier than to see good things happen to good people.

And Olta is one of them

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