Back at Gibson’s (the original), Chicago

By | May 04, 2019

Back at Gibson’s (the original), Chicago

Have I mentioned how much joy I get writing all these stories about people I’ve met on my Crypto Never Sleeps tour.

Well, I guess, now I have. And this is a particularly fun one.

Photoed is my SJMX counterpart Betty Sharples. Our two firms are closely collaborating in bringing solutions to institutional clients in digital assets. A liquid Friday late lunch after a long week. #WellDeserved

With us is fellow Riverside native (and St. Mary Demon) Nikolas Nemickas, who with his partner (not in photo) Seth Patinkin is building a silver-backed token structure attempting to receive a first-ever “no action” letter from both the SEC & CFTC. #SoundsLawerly

I should pause right there: Seth (another Riversider) studied math at Princeton with Nobel laureate John Nash, of “A Beautiful Mind”. This is the “Game Theory” crowd coming to blockchain. Nick politely offers “Seth knows as much about the evolution of the dollar since the Gold Standard as anyone.”

That’s one of those statements that – even if half true – kinda gives you an idea of the brain power you’re dealing with on the loaded Ampersand team.

We were not solving quadratic formulae at the bar area, mind you. Just kibitzing, sharing laugher, chatting about the promising future of it all.

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