Awareness Priority #1

By | Feb 07, 2019

Awareness Priority #1

I used to tease my Peace Corps housemate Tina about how she’d anecdotally support her arguments. “Teenagers don’t drink and smoke. None of my friends in Rock Hill, SC, would ever do that.”

I’d remind her there was a big, bad world outside of Rock Hill, and Onesi, Namibia, where we served.

But now I’ve fallen into the same trap myself. I asked my dentist today: “What’s your take on Dentacoin? You know, the blockchain solution for dentistry. Surely, you’ve heard all about it, right?”

“Rinse – now what are you talking about?” It turned out to be a short conversation about Dentacoin.

One of the fundamental problems across the space is lay people – non-blockchain practitioners – haven’t the faintest idea what coins in their own professional work sector even are. Adoption is one thing. Awareness is another ballgame.

Even within the space most people probably can’t give a one-sentence description of what 1/2 of the Top 25 coins in the world represent, or what problem they are trying to solve. Heck, I’d probably struggle to do that, too, and I ostensibly follow this stuff each and every day.

Occam’s Razor is the philosophy that the best answer is the easiest one. Crypto projects need to step up their game. Awareness has to become Priority Numero Uno.

“Now, don’t forget to floss.”

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