All Around the World With Crypto Never Sleep Tour

By | Mar 13, 2019

All Around the World With Crypto Never Sleep Tour

My Crypto Never Sleeps Tour has taken me to London, Dubai, Raleigh, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, and, of course, Chicago. I’ve met some real characters along the way. One of them is my good pal Paresh Masani, who defines the highs & lows of blockchain’s grand experiment as well as anyone.

Only last June – it seems like ten years ago; time moves weirdly in crypto for some strange reason – he left a prominent role as Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London. “I know the power of blockchain; I couldn’t miss this movement. I had to take the risk.”

So he bolted a steady gig for the unknown. And then he got a taste of reality – almost no clients could afford his services. He got hired by dozens of clients who needed his expertise; but the work never bore fruit.

He pivoted. JPMorgan hired him in December to spearhead Mobile Technology from Glasgow. And then a miracle happened: one of his pet projects, ARAW, gained momentum amid growing acclaim. Named after his son, ARAW is a decentralized payment system for e-commerce. From one gig to zero to two – in nine months. #NeverSleeps

What I appreciate about Paresh is his dedication to underlying technology. “Blockchain is likely more transformative on human society than the Internet. But adoption is the missing link – for now.”

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